Sunday, August 9, 2015

In my darkest hours…

In that moment where nothing makes sense, that moment where all you hear is your heart beating…
I close my eyes and begin to imagine.
Wait, imagine or dream? I don’t really know the difference right now.

I see my casket lowered into the ground… When did I die?

Then I begin to shiver in fear.

Then my heart becomes weak… I begin to shiver like a child sleeping in a room full of ice.

I can see people who never showed me loved… people who never respond to me, even people who have done nothing but hurt my soul, I could see them right there.. . They are looking sad but am not sure how genuine it is. I had nothing against them.

I see my friends weeping… those who really care; I see them in pains… I could feel their pain.

It felt good to know I was loved by this very few people…

But just then… Everywhere becomes dark.

I could see nothing!

I coulnt see my nails which are white… Everywhere was quiet.

The fear, torment and horror in my heart at that moment, you can’t imagine.
But no matter how I fear or panic, there was no heart attack there. I have to face the silent and horror of the moment.

I remember growing up in Ikot Ntuen, somewhere in Oruk Anam, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, and Africa if I must add.

Yes I remember those quiet nights where Daddy was not home and Mummy was away. I had to wait in the night with my sibling for them to return.  Then every sound I hear, it was as if a ghost is coming for us.

But this place was worst… I had no idea what comes next.

Then I begin to cry, Do Ghosts cry?

Is devil coming for me? Am I going to hell?

Then I heard footsteps coming!

I look for a place to run… but there is no running here… my feet fail me.

Then bow to the ground and cover my face with my hands…. I didn’t want to see the torment coming to me.

The footsteps stop right in front of me.

And then a voice called my full name which only few know ‘Mfon Abel Udo Udom Ekene-Eyene’

Who knew my name? Should I open my eyes…


I open my eyes!

There was God!

Everywhere was now bright! There was God! I could see gold everywhere… It was awesome.. Then I looked at myself… I was transformed!

It’s time to go to Church, I have to stop this story here my friends….. Well its partly fiction and partly part of my imaginations…

But one thing is sure, there will be God. Even in the dark hours… when you die… when no one will be there, there will be God.

Don’t ask me how he looks like… There will be God!

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