Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wife-Beater? Tiwa Savage and Tunji Billz Marriage Allegedly Heading For The Rocks!

Rumors of a strain in the 5-month wedding between Tiwa Savage and Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun surfaced this week, and it seems there’s a lot more wrong in the union.

The Wanted singer had reportedly fired Tee Billz as her manager, and now a new report alleges that Tee-Billz beats his wife.

According to blogger Kemi Filani, Tee Billz has been beating Tiwa Savage even before they got married.

She wrote,

Their marriage is barely five months old (they got married in Dubai in May) but Tiwa can’t hold it in anymore…she’s tired of putting up with Tunji…..he beats her, cheats on her etc…so many incredible stories i can’t even put here…but she’s finally ready to call it quit and it all revolves around her money.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Meet the twenty 20 years old Nigerian Entrepreneur who is set to restructure Nollywood.

In a country where young people are hardly given big chances, it is very unusual to see a 20-year-old ditch a good job in pursuit of building his enterprise. His name is John Nelson Kalu, a 100 level student at the University of Lagos Akoka.  But there is more to him that you will imagine, this twenty years old is working on a project that he believes will re-shape the Nigerian entertainment Industry.  John Nelson Kalu, a very talented graphic and technologist is currently working with broad mead ventures, also known as the design studio but to ensure that he achieves his aim, he is already making plans to quit the company and start on his own. This is a rare courage from 20 years old. Let me spare you the suspense, below is a heart to heart chat with the young and very elegant John Nelson Kalu. John Nelson Kalu speaks passionately about his plans. This is definitely someone to watch out for!

Mfon Abel Ekene:Nice to meet you John
John Nelson Kalu:Yes, sir. Good morning
Mfon: So tell me about you and what you do
JNK:Am a graphic designer and a technologist and also an aspiring entrepreneur.
Mfon:Hmm, so what have been doing so far as a graphic designer, technologist and aspiring entrepreneur?
JNK: Well, presently I work with broad mead ventures, also known as the design studio. I think am just starting on my own.
Mfon: Can you explain what you mean by 'I think am just starting on my own.'
JNK: It necessitates the fact that very soon my work at my present place of work, broad mead will be over. It is just like resigning from where you work and starting a business of your own.
Mfon: Oh! Can you talk about this your new start up?
JNK: It is about building a cartoon show for Nollywood, more like home video but basically for kids. Cartoons come in many genres and command a diverse viewing audience so this one is basically a home movie for the kids.
Mfon: Wow! Have you made any move already?
JNK: I have already approached a cartoon company. Presently, we are holding serious discussion about it. Cartoon is a big part of the entertainment industry for kids so the media company is happy.
Mfon: That is good. You look so young, how old are you and what is your level of education?
JNK: Am 20.*laugh*
Mfon: Huh?
JNK: Yes, 20. 100 level in university of Lagos state.
Mfon: At such a young age, considering our society, how are you coping with the challenges that come your way on this mission, like when people try to doubt?
JNK: It probably goes without saying but you do need to have at least a little drawing talent. You don't have to be the reincarnation of Leonardo Davinci to draw cartoon characters. Most cartoon characters can be broken down into simple shapes, which are fairly easy to draw. Creativity has to be a strength.  It’s best to have characters that are easy to draw over and over again. And you will want to write a script that invites the viewer into the world your cartoon, and also getting to speak with competent cartoonist that can speak life into these cartoons.
Mfon: Are making any effort to reach out to people or co-operate bodies for support on this?
JNK: Of course! I have a presentation to do on Sunday. But I want to put a pilot out first so people can get to see how real it is and also know it’s worth the investment.
Mfon:What impact are you hoping to make with this start up? How do you see it changing the live of Nigerians especially the kids?
JNK:Very good question. One thing, kids will stop watching ungodly programs on TV. I am not discriminating. I mean the program our kids watch should have positive impact in their lives and not the other way round. My perspective has a lot of intuitive appeal in this era. Our content are going to be very distinct one that impact greatness into this kids and Characters that’s highly worthy of emulation. Every parent wants their children to model positive a character that can inspirethem to want to become their very best.. Our content will not contradict that.
Mfon: You are very Confident about this. What gives you such confident?
JNK: Creative and innovation.
Mfon: Where do you hope to be in five years’ time?
JNK: To be globally recognized.
Mfon: On a personal level, what kind of person is John Nelson Kalu?
JNK: A nerd.. Very reserved, calm and collective.. I just love to figure things out a lot.
Mfon: And hopefully you will figure this out to the end
JNK:ahhahah. Yeah. Serious thought is been put to Zirock. Oh, the name is zirock of the company.
Mfon: Thanks for your time.

JNK: My pleasure. I hope to talk to you some other time. Thank you, Mfon.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Egypt Military announces they have found treatment of aids and hepatitis C

Egypt's military claims its engineers have made an "unprecedented" scientific breakthrough by developing a device that can detect AIDs and hepatitis C infections without the need to take blood samples.

 The Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health formed a research team to prepare for the application of an aids and hepatitis C treatment starting June 30 in military hospitals, head of the military engineering department Taher Abdallah said in a press conference on Sunday.