Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It was more than tears...

Seriously I did not want to cry. I wanted to be strong.

I was dying inside... I was breaking inside but on the outside I was trying to show everyone that I was strong... The more I faked boldness, the more lonely and empty i felt.

I was hurting but no one cared.  Family seem not to care, they said nothing to me… I was meaningless to them. Maybe they see me as a troublesome boy, I didn’t know.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

In my darkest hours…

In that moment where nothing makes sense, that moment where all you hear is your heart beating…
I close my eyes and begin to imagine.
Wait, imagine or dream? I don’t really know the difference right now.

I see my casket lowered into the ground… When did I die?

Friday, July 31, 2015

In the lonely hour...

I was so alone... So I decided to talk a walk.

Everywhere was dark, it was about 10pm. I walked for 10 minutes and then I sat beside the road.

As I watch  the cars pass by... I wonder if the woman that will someday be my wife is inside one of them...

I also wonder if she is in this country... Is She in South Africa? Jamaica? America? China?, Togo? where?

Friday, July 24, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: NASA Just Confirmed the Discovery of Another Earth

Today, NASA announced that scientists have found an Earth-like planet, Kepler-452b about 1,400 light years away from us. This new Earth-twin exists at such a distance from a star Kepler 452, where water could exist. This discovery (and more) is a result of about analysis of four years’ data from the Kepler Space Telescope which has been looking for Earth-like planets orbiting other stars similar to our Sun.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Prankster showers Sepp Blatter with fake dollar bills at Fifa press conference

Earlier today...

The Fifa president Sepp Blatter walked out of a press conference after being showered with fake dollar bills by the British comedian Lee Nelson.
Nelson, whose real name is Simon Brodkin, illegally gained entry to the Fifaheadquarters in Zurich and poured dozens of fake banknotes over the stage around where Blatter was seated after announcing himself as a North Korean World Cup delegate.

Chief of Army staff doing press ups with other soldiers

This picture has surfaced of the Chief of Army  staff Major General Tukur Buratai  sweating it out with other soldiers on training

PHOTOS: Buhari meets Obama at the White House

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Faster Than Google Chrome? Nigerian Teenagers Create New Web Browser

Two Nigerian brothers have proven that they hold wisdom far beyond their years. At 13- and 15 years old, Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime have created a faster mobile web browsing experience that rivals Google Chrome.
Hailing from Lagos, these brothers pinpointed a common problem. Although browsers like Google Chrome work on high-end smart phones, these applications often slow down on low-end phones commonly found in the developing world. Using their love for coding and technology, the dynamic duo created Crocodile Browser Lite.

Nigerian Student In Japan Solves 30-Year-Old Maths Equation

A Nigerian student has broken a 30-year-old maths equation and achieved the highest grades at a university in Japan for 50 years.

Ufot Ekong, who studied at Tokai University in Tokyo, achieved a first class degree in electrical engineering and scored the best marks at the university since 1965, the Flotilla Magazine reported.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bill Gates reveals his biggest regret in life

He has more money than anyone in the world, yet even Bill Gates suffers from regrets like ordinary people.
The former Microsoft founder who has a personal fortune of $79 billion has admitted his biggest regret in life is not ever learning a second language.
During Reddit’s Ask Me Anything online chat session, the billionaire confessed to feeling “pretty stupid” for not being able to match the language skills of others, including Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s ability to speak fluent Mandarin.
“I feel pretty stupid that I don’t know any foreign languages,” Mr Gates wrote.

4 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

As I look back on my entrepreneurial life, I find it interesting to think about the information that has influenced my entrepreneurial framework. I’ve found that much of my knowledge about entrepreneurship has been formed by books that I have read over the years. However, upon some reflection, it occurs to me that certain films have also made a significant impression on me, directly impacting and shaping my business philosophy.
The following four films fall into this category, and I believe that all entrepreneurs can find something of value to take from them:

3 unique trends shaping Nigeria’s startup ecosystem

In April last year, it was announced that Nigeria’s economy had overtaken South Africa’s, making it the biggest on the continent. This coincided with some notable happenings in the tech space. For one, arguably one of the largest pan-African startup initiatives, Demo Africa 2014, was hosted in Lagos for the first time. Microsoft Ventures also announced that it’s expanding its mission to facilitate startups to include the West African country last month. Not to mention the massive rounds of investments that went to Nigeria tech companies — only seconded by South Africa.
To learn more about what makes this environment so special, Ventureburn recently chatted to the Nigerian accelerator 440′s founders about what trends are shaping the startup ecosystem.

How a Nigerian Internet Start-up Grew Revenue from $250 to $1 Million in 3 Years

In 2008 Abasiama Idaresit returned to Nigeria, after studying for a degree in Information Systems & Management at the London School of Economics. He had one thing in mind: to see how the Internet could help transform the business landscape in Nigeria. That, in fact, was the focus of his dissertation -- the impact of technology on small businesses.
"I've always loved the Internet; wanted to see it change a lot of things in Africa -- marketing, operations..." he tells me, at his office in Lagos.
He started peddling his dreams. Without success. "For the first eight months I didn't make a dime," he recalls. "People literally chased me out of their offices."