Thursday, September 29, 2011

If you are a user of Google+ one of these names could be yours. so which are you?

From time to time of communicating with people on Google+ I found our this names and i compile here so tell me which and which describe you. and which person do you think fit a certain name.

G+ Rockie-----------------someone with less than 20 people in circle or with less than 20 followers

Hangout virgin------------someone that has never done hangout

G+ dummy------------anyone on G+ that as no information on their profile

Scoble brain-----------someone with over 10 post a day

G+ freak----------------someone that visit Google+ over six times a day

G+ bore---------------someone who has several followers but is not following anyone in return

G+ dude---------------someone that comments fairly on others post

G+ black eye-----------people that never comment on others post except theirs

G+ crushy----------------a male and a female that does hangout together all the time

G+ high flyers--------someone with up to 5 back to back post

G+ veteran------------someone that as invited over 50 friends to join G+

G+ nervous-------------someone that does not know what to do on G+ at a particular time

G+ touchy-----------someone that only post Video or picture on G+

G+ top shot---------someone that gets up to 50 comment on a post daily

Lets see where you belong.

Mfon Abel Ekene

Things to reflect on as Facebook and Google+ step into round three

As you relax to watch the ongoing ‘I am better than you’ social network battle between facebook and Google+, one thing is sure, you will witness some jaw breaking punches between the two heavyweight which has started already with the recent F8 Developer Conference by facebook. Just like in a boxing match, the boxers make use of the first and second round to seize up each other while the killer knockout punches start from round three. Google+ and facebook stepped into round three with two significant event in the past days. One is Google+ throwing its doors open to everyone to join previously it has been only via invitation. The second is facebook announcement at F8 Developer Conference of major changes. So, as you relax probably with a soft drink to catch glimpses of the round three, here are some facts to reflect on. No, don’t ask me which round the knockout blow will come or who will cancel out each other. I am not a boxing commentator or personality so if you need help with that you might consider talking to Don King, Max Kellerman, Michael Buffer or better still Bob Arum but don't bet on calling Mike Tyson or Manny Pacquiao they just might not pick up. Just as am relaxing in my corner in West Africa so you can also relax in your corner and enjoy the battle. But first reflect on these facts.

1. Unlike facebook which step into the arena previously unknown in 2004, Google+ emerge three months ago from a well solid Google background. This means that what facebook lacked when they began the journey, Google+ already has even before they began the journey.

2. Google+ is only about three months with over 43 Million Users while facebook is over six years with about 850 million users. The fact here is that just when facebook was 3 months old just like Google+ is now, they were only talking excitedly about users in their thousands but Google+ in 3 months is counting users in multiple millions but still with hunger for more. So if we are to rely on this growth rate, we can say Google+ is on a faster cruise and if this rate proves consistent within the next five years, facebook might have some work to do. Also take note that just as facebook began with admission restricted to Harvard members and later to the ivy leagues so did Google+ began with admission restricted by invitation!

3. Facebook wants to keep you playing and jumping all day while Google+ wants to get you organized. For instance, facebook homepage is full of links to games application and all fun stuffs and even with music coming. But Google+ homepage is got links to Google Doc, calendar,Reader, Gmail and more

4. While facebook boast over 850 million users and Google+ a minor 43 million users in comparison. Notwithstanding, the tech and media geeks either prefer Google+ or are more accepted in Google+. For emphasis, folks like +Robert Scoble +Ben Parr +Pete Cashmore +Lotus Carroll and many more have more followers on Google+ than on facebook. They get more comment and +1 on a post in Google+ than they would get comment and like on facebook. This might get the tech geeks giving more credits and time to Google+ and in turn bringing in people from their sites and blogs.

5. Google+ have hangout while facebook are thinking ‘lifetime’

6. A major factor in the battle will have to be ‘users privacy’

7. Facebook ‘like’ you while Google+ ‘+1’ you. Whatever that means figure out!

Thanks for reading people. You can please leave your comment in the comment box.

Mfon Abel Ekene