Monday, October 14, 2013

Five Reasons Why Mandela Must Not Die…

After many weeks of tension over the health of African living legend, Nelson Mandela, attention over his health has dropped after his return from hospital. #MfonList takes a look at top five reasons why the great icon, Nelson Mandela must not die; perhaps these factors have slight role in his lengthy life span so far.

1.       He is loved In Africa and beyond: Nelson Mandela has achieved something many African leaders and even global leaders have failed to achieve, that is, winning the love of majority of his people. It is very difficult in Africa, for up to 50% of the population of a country to sing the praise of it’s leader in office or out of office. Usually, the people who sing the praise of leaders are those directly benefiting from such leader, or those with tribal link with such Leader. This is something the great Icon has surpassed. He has not just won the love of majority of South Africans; he has crossed the boundary, into all Africa and even beyond to the international community! This is rare!  And many years after he left office, the love never ran out, it seems it goes stronger day after day! Many will go out of their way to pray for the well being of this great man.

Friday, October 11, 2013

D’banj: I’d love to marry Genevieve!

Singer, Dapo Oyebanji, aka D’banj, finally opened up on his love life in a rare meeting with journalists in Lagos on Wednesday.

The self-styled Kokomaster was clearly in his elements as he talked at length, amid occasional bouts of laughter, about his career and other issues that were important to him. One of the subjects was about his rumoured relationship with Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Judging by the manner in which the actress’ name kept popping off his lips, it was obvious that D’banj had a very soft spot for her.
Aware that the grapevine had bristled with the rumour that he was romantically involved with Genevieve, ever since she appeared in the 2010 video of his hit song, ‘Fall in Love’, the singer said the actress had played a role in his success.

 “Apart from the fact that she is my friend, she has been a part of my success. There is no way you are going to tell my story that Genevieve’s name will not come up because she featured in my biggest song of all time, Fall in Love. So if E True Story comes to Nigeria to interview me, she will definitely be called upon to tell my story,” he said.

As if to confirm that there was more to his relationship with the actress than he had always admitted, D’banj added, “I would love to have Genevieve as my wife.  We never can tell what God plans for us in the future. I have studied her and I realised that anyone that has her as his woman has found himself a treasure. Just like the Bible says, any man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.”