Monday, February 24, 2014

Egypt Military announces they have found treatment of aids and hepatitis C

Egypt's military claims its engineers have made an "unprecedented" scientific breakthrough by developing a device that can detect AIDs and hepatitis C infections without the need to take blood samples.

 The Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health formed a research team to prepare for the application of an aids and hepatitis C treatment starting June 30 in military hospitals, head of the military engineering department Taher Abdallah said in a press conference on Sunday.

The conference was held to announce a “breakthrough” in medical history, accomplished by Doctor Ibrahim Abdel Atty after 22 years of research.

The treatment has no side effects and takes 20-hour periods at a 95 percent success rate, Abdallah said, adding that the military would not export the treatment outside of Egypt, but would seek international approval for it.

Representative of the Ministry of Health Nadia Ragab said the ministry tested and approved the treatment that shows that Egypt has scientists operating on the highest international level.

Sally Emara, supervisor of the research and the treated patients, said the results of the treatment are “outstanding” and thanked the military for adopting such a “giant research project.”

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