Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Don Jazzy’s kindness and Wande Coal’s humility.
The fracas between Don Jazzy and Wande Coal is currently enjoying top trend on twitter, while so many fans are taking this so called quarrel too serious, I believe that these two respected folks will probably settle their differences soon over a bottle of beer.

Some fellow on twitter are already dedicating some tweets to infuriate the hate between these two. It keeps one wondering if it is a crime to have misunderstanding once in a while. As long as there is human blood and hormones, there is bound to be misunderstanding.  After misunderstanding comes settlement. There are two qualities that these two men possess that should bring them together again as best of friends. apart from talent, these was the same quality that brought them together, kindness and humility.

Not so long ago, Don Jazzy had a split with D’banj and everyone expected them to be enemies for life. But to the surprise of everyone, the Marvin Boss and the Kokomaster have been spotted together, even performing together with D’banj having some good words to say about the Don.

One thing people should realize is that nothing last forever. Change is constant in life. Someday people a sperm will become a child and a child will become a man. Life goes on. 

Wande Coal is a good guy. He is one of those music guys that has managed to stay out of regular controversies. At least I have not heard people report that he impregnated a secondary school girl. He is not one of those guys that work into a place and makes sure everyone noticed that he is there. He is just an humble easy going guy! Yes, he is really an easy going guy, who is grateful to God for lifting him up from the bottom to the top.

Don Jazzy on the other hand is a kind hearted human. I have heard many people say the Don is generous. Everyone may have their own weakness but kindness is something that the Don is fond of. Even on twitter, the Don has extended help to numerous fans and has impacted many people through his kind heart.

So for those trying to take side and infuriate this dark time in the relationship between this two brothers, I believe the effort is doomed to fail, because at the end, Wande Coal’s humility and Don Jazzy kindness will bring them together.

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