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Top Ten Nigerian Celebrities To Follow On Twitter

Here we go. The official Mfon List, #MfonList is here. This time the focus is the ‘top ten Nigerian Celebrity to follow on Twitter’. Twitter has become a big internet destination for many Nigerians. On the move or at home, Nigerians have made this social network a place relax, unwind, share jokes, learn something new, grow their interest, interact, stay in touch with the world and many more.

Many of Nigerian celebrities are also on twitter. But the question is which Celebrity can you follow so you won’t miss out on the fun and excitement of twitter from a Nigerian perspective. With a lot of research and interaction, here is a list of top ten Nigerian Celebrity to follow on twitter.

{1} DON JAZZY: Almost without any argument, the Don tops the list of Nigerian celeb to follow on twitter. The mavin record boss has a good interaction rate with fans. He is very accessible by fans. This reflects on the number of fans he follows back and his replies and shout outs. Don jazzy also has built special relationship with fans. He once twitted a dot (.), while many people thought he was insane for doing that, a fan retweeted it and the don rewarded him heavily!!  Shout out to the number one man! Twitter handle: @DONJAZZY

{2}Linda ikeji: One person you cannot overlook on twitter is Linda ikeji! She gives her followers the latest happenings in form of gossip or reality. It is as if she as a monopoly on all breaking celebrity gossip. If you want to stay updated then this is someone to follow! Twitter handle: @lindaikeji

{3} Shoggy Tosh: Is a man that many football fans will ever remember. This entrepreneur owns an online website that streams live football matches. During two world cups qualifying match which most Nigerians where unable to watch on local TV and even Satelite TV, Shoggy tosh was streaming it live on his webpage and also giving his followers minute by minute update. Considering the number of football fans in the nation,  Shoggy earns the number 3 spot. Twitter Handle: @ToshShoggy

{4} Oby Ezekwesili :   This former top player at the world bank keeps her followers on twitter hooked on issues in the nation from a unique perspective. She focuses on issues both regular and some you had no idea of. After a tweet, she is not the type that disappears; she is always available to reply questions even though she seems controversial many times.Twitter handle: @obyezeks

{5] Banky W :  EME boss, Banky W  is number five. Banky W keeps it real with his fans especially during a football match. If you are on twitter during a football   match and you need someone to share your passion with, then Banky W is the man. He tweets uncontrollably during matches, retweet and reply. This is something that is loved by Nigerians.  Unfortunately, no footballer made it to the top ten. Just to add, he also tweet something inspirational. Twitter Handle: @BankyW

{6} Nnodim Blossom: Another female on the list. Nnodim is a leading Nigerian internet entrepreneur. Just to narrow it down, a leading Nigerian “twitter” entrepreneur.  She teaches and help Nigerians maximize the use of twitter for business growth. She has a company to this effect, besides, she is always sharing lots of opportunities on the social media. You can count on Nnodim to reply your mention, anytime, any day. Recognized and respected Worldwide. Twitter handle: @blcompere 

{7} Mfonobory Nsehe: This is someone a lot of people will like to envy.  Mfon is the Forbes magazine guy that rates the richest men in Africa. Despite his busy schedule which include running around the continent interviewing billionaire’s and entrepreneurs, he keeps it real on twitter. Mfon always keeps his followers aware of what’s up with Nigerian top guns. He tweets opportunities for entrepreneurs, he also tweets inspiration. If you are an entrepreneur that needs to get that important information that could give you that big break, or you need global attention then Mfon is the man to follow. Twitter handle: @EmperorDIV

{8} Kayode Ogundamosi: Call him the best investigative Nigerian journalist and you won’t be wrong. He works at Sahara Reporters where he keeps turning in great investigate reports that have shot the media company to global fame. Kayode keeps his followers up to date with clinical investigative tweets on issues in the country and beyond. Twitter handle: @ogundamisi

{9} Godwin Enakhena: Arguably the best sport journalist in Nigeria.  Godwin keeps his followers updated with the latest happenings in the world of sport from diverse and unique view point. Football fans love him and his style. Call him God’s anointed you won’t be wrong, because whenever Godwin tweet about an issue, it becomes hot! Twitter handle: @genakhena

{10} Psquare : The popular Paul and Peter twins may have come a long way in the music industry but they are also hot on twitter! They keep it cool with their followers, responding to tweets and posting their whereabouts. They keep up with their fans as they navigate different countries! Twitter handle: @PeterPsquare and @rudeboypsquare

You maybe wondering while your favorite celebrities are not in the list, one of this could be the reason. The criteria for ranking are wide and some of them are as follow;
1.     Interest of Nigerian: For the ranking, a deep concentration given to things that Nigerians are likely to have a big interest in. Examples are Sports, Music, Politics, opportunities and many more.
2.     Interaction/Information: Concentration is given to how a celebrity interacts with fans on twitter. Issues like replies and updates on their latest move become a big deal here. Also, there is a focus on the information a celebrity tweet on twitter. How helpful are these information?
3.     Accessibility by Fans:  Many times on twitter, fans make special request such as ‘kindly follow me back’ ‘give me a shout out’ ‘Today is my birthday can you mention me?’ How the celebrity responds to these special requests by fans is a big deal here.
4.      Special Relationship with fans: This has to do with the bond a celeb create with his fans over time. Ability to remember fans and tweet them without solicitation. Sharing love to fans by gifts and contests or the like.

Note that the number of follower a celeb follow is not a criteria for ranking.

Have a nice time and enjoy tweeting with your favorite celeb on twitter. Don’t forget to follow @mfonabel and stay updated!

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  1. Tonto Dike is also one very active and interactive celeb on twitter

  2. Where is @leke_alder? Mentor of life. Relationship, Business. First class personality. Saturdays is always a feast for us the followers.

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