Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Messi And Balotelli Met The Pope But It Was Mario Balotelli That Had A Private Discussion With The Pope

Reigning World footballer of the year, Lionel Messi and headline topping Italian striker Mario Balotelli met with the Pope Francis yesterday alongside other members of the Italian and Argentinian national team. The meeting with the pope comes before Argentina takes on Italy in a friendly Match.Pope Francis is Argentinian.

The Interesting part of it was that, among all the players present, it was the ever popular Mario Balotelli that met privately with the Pope. Even though other players might have wish to have the privilege.

Messi said there were so many people at the gathering that he didn't get any private time to talk with the pope, who vigorously shook hands with each player.

But on the contrary, the many people present couldn't stop Mario Balotelli.

According to the AP 'One of Italy's national team members, Mario Balotelli, who is black and has been the target of fans' racism, was the only player to get private time with the pope. Francis and the striker spoke together in a small room off the sumptuous Clementine Hall where the audience was held.

A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said Balotelli looked ''emotional'' after their talk but that the player declined to say what he discussed with Francis. On Monday, Balotelli remarked that perhaps the pope might offer him special greetings because of his birthday this week.'

According to Football Italia, It's unclear if Pope Francis intended to have this private discussion. "Balotelli reportedly got up after the ceremony had concluded and went after the Pope into another room, where they spent several minutes talking privately." So this could have been Mario seizing the moment.

Mario Balotelli always win!

Pictures from the meeting.

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