Thursday, September 29, 2011

If you are a user of Google+ one of these names could be yours. so which are you?

From time to time of communicating with people on Google+ I found our this names and i compile here so tell me which and which describe you. and which person do you think fit a certain name.

G+ Rockie-----------------someone with less than 20 people in circle or with less than 20 followers

Hangout virgin------------someone that has never done hangout

G+ dummy------------anyone on G+ that as no information on their profile

Scoble brain-----------someone with over 10 post a day

G+ freak----------------someone that visit Google+ over six times a day

G+ bore---------------someone who has several followers but is not following anyone in return

G+ dude---------------someone that comments fairly on others post

G+ black eye-----------people that never comment on others post except theirs

G+ crushy----------------a male and a female that does hangout together all the time

G+ high flyers--------someone with up to 5 back to back post

G+ veteran------------someone that as invited over 50 friends to join G+

G+ nervous-------------someone that does not know what to do on G+ at a particular time

G+ touchy-----------someone that only post Video or picture on G+

G+ top shot---------someone that gets up to 50 comment on a post daily

Lets see where you belong.

Mfon Abel Ekene

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